24 August 1914

On 24 August 1914 the 1st Battalion (Cheshire) Regiment suffered heavy losses at the Battle of Audregnies, the last phase of the Battle of Mons. The 1st Bn formed the extreme left of the 5th Division of the British Army. The order to retreat did not reach the 1st Bn who held up the advance of the German IV Corps for four hours. The 1st Battalion had entered the battle 1,034 strong. After the battle only 198 men and only 4 out of 27 officers answered the roll call.
Image: Lt C.A.K. Matterson, 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment fought at the Battle of Mons, extract from his diary:
“…the cavalry was now lost to us and we were more hopelessly placed than ever. No cavalry. No artillery. Only the Infantry….how I escaped I don’t know. I made up my mind it was certain death…My life, as someone said “was charmed”. I don’t think anyone could have had such a near escape.”


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