29 September 1914

29 September 1914

Extract from the diary of B H Gregg

[Pte Gregg joined up in August 1914 in Chester and was posted to the newly formed 12th Bn and sent to Lewes for training. He survived the war and died aged 102 in Canada]

Eleven miles route march via NEWHAVEN to SEAFORD. We did not know why or where we were going so all seemed an adventure. It was new country. Across the plain Lewes Castle stood in a commanding position above the town. Around Newhaven were trenches & barbed wire. Arrived at the Camp (just lines of newly pitched tents) 1p.m. Precious little meat for dinner. Two blankets & ground sheet served to each man. Eleven men in each tent. No tea so went into Seaford, full of recruits from surrounding camps. Desperate efforts to get into shops. Food sold out. Two policemen regulating traffic into the Post Office. Searchlights at Newhaven light at intervals the town & cliffs of Seaford. Very cold, very little food, but only a start.


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