27 October 1914

greggExtract from the diary of Pte B H Gregg, 12th (Service) Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

[Pte Gregg joined up in August 1914 in Chester and was posted to the newly formed 12th Bn and sent to Lewes for training. He survived the war and died aged 102 in Canada]

Drill all day. Instruction in aiming & loading from standing & kneeling positions. Evening lecture by the Captain (Clegg- Hill) in which he pointed out the faults of yesterday’s work. He is a fine man, the Captain and knows how to treat men. On parade his motto is “no friends” but off parade he will do all possible to make us contented. Uniform has at last arrived. It’s khaki and not that awful blue outfit which looks like a lounge suit for a convict. No.2 Platoon were the first fortunates to be dressed. The change in appearance & spirit is marvellous and a fine lot of fellows they look. After all, it was the ragged and irregular clothing in the company that gave us such an unlovely aspect.


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