13 November 1914

Extract from the diary of Lt Charles Brockbank, 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

charles brockbank

Today we entrained for ST OMER via ROUEN. It was a wonderful journey, my first experience of French railways. It took us from 8.30 A.M. on a Friday till mid-day Saturday. We went through ABBEVILLE, CALAIS, just over the Belgian Frontier to ST OMER where we quartered in the old barracks of the French regulars. Nearly all the windows were broken and we had to do the best we could to make ourselves comfortable. The town seems to be crammed full of motors for use as transport, there is a fleet of forty L.G.O.C. busses [sic] just outside our barracks, which are used for shifting troops. Being G.H.Q. of the British Army gives the town an important appearance. Here we are within thirty miles of the line & can even hear the big guns sometimes


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