1 February 1915

Extract from the diary of Lt Charles Brockbank, 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

charles brockbank

Monday. We have moved back to ST JEANS CAPPEL again for our eight days rest. Had a bit of bad luck. When trying to find a billet in an old barn a dog rushed out & attacked me. To save my legs I tried to grab him but he was too quick and caught my right thumb in his teeth. I snatched it out but the teeth furrowed it down to the bone. I bunked for the M.O., who washed it & then cauterized it with caustic in all the torn places. By jove it did hurt, it was bad enough before he touched it, but afterwards well——-. It is still very painful this evening & I have been excused all duty so am taking things easy hoping to be O.K. tomorrow.


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