2 April 1915

Extract from the official war diary of the 2nd Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


12 noon Battalion in billets at DRANOUTRE and placed in Divisional Reserve.

The following copy of letter received by Comdg [Commanding] Officer from OC 1 Wiltshire Regt was published in Regimental Orders with inferences to the gallant conduct of Sergt WYNNE and Private BEDDA.

To O.C 2 Cheshire Regt.
“Thank you very much for sending the effects of the late Lieut Hooper. Will you please convey to Sergt Wynne and Private Bedda my deep appreciation of and high admiration for their very gallant conduct in bringing in this officers body. My battalion thoroughly understands the great personal risk that this NCO & man ran for which this cannot too lightly thank them and I desire to place on record their sense of their obligation to them for this great heroism.”


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