27 July 1915

Extract from the war diary of George Wardle, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

[After leaving Malta, sailing for Port Said] On the morning of the 27th of July the sun rose in a sky of cloudless azure and made every living thing on board seek the shadiest parts of the ship, it was impossible to bear ones bare foot on the deck. About three in the afternoon the wind got up a little and soon the ship was tossing about. Shirts, towels and small articles of clothing, which were hung about over the deck to dry after being washed, were blown away. The breeze was welcomed by all, as it was cool and refreshing. After tea we had a salt-water bath at the end of the promenade deck. At evening we got in our hammocks, much cooler than other days when there was no breeze. I think both of us slept sounder that night than either of us slept since we had been on board. It was one of the few days, since we have been on board, that we saw neither land nor ships.


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