8 September 1915

Extract from the diary of Norman Hughes, “B” Coy, 1/4th Ches. Regt. 53rd (Welsh) Division

[Norman Hughes came from Neston. In Gallipoli with the 4th Bn]

Start off again at daybreak to find my Batt. After a long dreary tramp through heavy sinking sand, with many stoppages, I find them in excellent dugouts having breakfast.

Completely lost my appetite.

Attend Sick Parade

Dr. orders me to the hospital

Life in Hospital

First one I am sent to is built of a few sand bags forming three walls, one side, (lee side) being left open. A roof was formed of a few poles with oil sheets thrown across.

Place will accommodate 50 to 60 stretchers.

Nearly all cases with same diarrhoea or dysentery.

Very cold at nights

Cannot settle down for diarrhoea.

Food:- Small drop of arrowroot 3 times a day – nothing at night. No wonder we passed blood – we had nothing else to pass.


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