24 October 1915

Extract from the war diary of John Moore, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Guarding trenches in “Dead Cow” Lane, again Firing Line, Shelled all the time, relieved Nov 1st & then went in Firing Line again, Pouring rain for last fortnight in the trenches, up to waist in water, awful. Dug outs collapsing, Alf Wild friend of mine squashed to death, his dug-out, dropped in on him carrying Ammunition & Grenades up to waist in water sleeping in our wet clothing, no change, mud head to foot & bitter cold, men carried out, Pnemonia, Rhumatics etc! We have now been supplied with Long Leffinged boots, but even now goes over the top of them but Officer & several of men having to be pulled out of the mud, took 6 men to pull one out & had to leave his boots in had to stand too all night to try & dig a way.

(Glory Hole) 30 yds from German trench

Got rations & water to be brought up, but not much headway, mud sticking to spades etc. Jack Walton hit in a very serious place, a young fellow in my section.



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