9 January 1916

Extract from the official war diary of 11th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


This day the enemy was fairly quiet. A relief almost certainly took place on the night 8 – 9th.

Reasons :-  (1) The night was unusually quiet    (2)   The snipers of the troops who occupied the line opposite up to the end of November have come back & recommenced their work. Three shots in succession yesterday hit the same brick in PICKET HOUSE which blocks the old loop hole. The shots just above the door of COY HQ in T 116 began to come over again during the morning. (3) After a period of comparative inactivity as regards sniping during the day-time, four periscopes were broken 9/1/16 by rifle bullets, a characteristic pastime of our former opponents.

A machine gun emplacement was located at S W corner of BIRD CAGE and another not far away off T 117. Two snipers posts, one in S.W. corner of BIRD CAGE  the other 30 yards N were also located. New sandbags appeared on parapet opp T 117.

11.35 am

Enemy biplane flying south.  3 pm Biplane over enemy lines towards WARNETON seen from T 115.  Enemy observation balloon up the  whole of this day, about 5 miles E of WARNETON, same type as our own. At 3 p.m. a bright flash was seen repeatedly as if signalling, from the basket of the balloon.

10 pm

A working party dispersed by M.G. fire at 10 PM.

A red rocket usually goes up from BIRDCAGE about 3 AM. not followed by shell or any fire, may mean “all correct”. During night, shooting at our parapet was accurate.


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