17 February 1916

Extract from the official war diary of 2nd Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

MEEANEE DAY :-  Brigade Band played at 4.30 pm for 1 hour.  Men were given 1 pint of beer or a packet of cigarettes.

Reinforcements of Eight Officers and 108 O.R. arrived on 16th inst. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Names of officers as follows:- Captain B. Cuff, Cheshire Rgt. Lieut C. A. C. May, Cheshire Rgt. 2/Lieut A. H. Adderley 3/Cheshires, 2/Lt. F. J. Horner 10/R. Warwicks, 2/Lt. A. C. Harrison, 10/R. Warwicks, 2/Lt. J. A. V. Bebbington 3/Cheshires, 2/Lt. S. Gurteen, 12/R. Warwicks, 2/Lt W. E. Beckett, 3/Cheshires.


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