2 March 1916

Harrison Johnston, the 15th (Service) Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, 105th Infantry Brigade, 35th Division

I found we had to provide three more fatigue parties, each of 40 men and one officer, to go up near the line and repair trenches, &c. – I sent Robert, Kinny and Partington on these.

I had to report to the C. O. at 10 a.m. Yesterday was St. David’s Day so our hosts celebrated some – we did not join in.

One of our greatest joys we have had was to receive our letters and parcels yesterday afternoon.

5 p.m. We go back to the trenches on Saturday night for two days only, then we go back to where we last came from for a week’s rest, and very nice too.

I have just heard that we are sending out a big bombing party to-night to strafe the enemy. I wish I could be up to see it – that’s the proper thing to do. I hear we are also sending out bags of rations – as samples of our grub – each containing a German letter describing the nice comfortable rest camps in England for German prisoners. This is to tempt the Hun to come and surrender!


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