28 February 1916

Harrison Johnston, the 15th (Service) Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, 105th Infantry Brigade, 35th Division

C Company on our left lost eight men, four killed and four wounded, by a rifle grenade. One man at “D” also got hit on the head this morning by a splinter from a whiz-bang, but it was only a slight scalp wound.

Our C.O. and Barnett came round the trenches at 5-15 a.m. this morning. They had not slept either. I went all round with them and got back about 7-30 beginning to feel rather hungry.

We did not get any breakfast until 12 noon however, and by this time Robert and I were perished. We then got some steak, bread and tea, which put us right.

It is raining fairly hard so I’m not going out again yet as everything is fairly quiet.

We had a bit of noise this afternoon, in fact just to our right they were very busy. H.E., shrapnel, whiz-bangs – crumps –trench mortars and rifle grenades all doing their bit towards the concert.

We are very lucky as we are to be relieved to-morrow evening and go back to billets at Gorre for four days.

The Battalion to which we are attached had been in the front line for two days when we arrived, so go out for four days’ rest. We also – and very nice, too. Forty-eight hours in these horrible trenches are enough at a time for even a greedy Bantam!


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