7 April 1916 (into 8 April)

Extract from the official war diary of 15th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment



Beyond the usual exchange souvenirs at evening & morning stand to there was little rifle fire. Snipers on our side alert and obtained two prizes one at N 13.d.3.7. and one at N The position of the former has long been a nuisance and has been carefully watched. Enemy snipers very quiet. Rifle battery fired throughout the night at RUE DELAVAL N 14.d.8.6. and N 14.d.2. Our L.G. with periscope did good work, three loopholes in enemy parapet were knocked out and traffic stopped at low places in parapet. A working dispersed at N.14.C.4.9½.

During the night L.G. fired at intervals at weak spots in enemy’s parapet and wire, particularly at N Light T.M. fired 10 rounds on WICK SALIENT at 2.30 p.m. Patrols went out from N 14.a.3.3 N 8.c.7½.4½. and N 8.c.9.7. Wiring parties repairing and erecting wire at N 14.a.5.8. Rifle grenades did some good work. Patrols obtained useful information also sample of German wire. 3 hurdles observed at N 14.b.3½.9. at 8 a.m. they were not used later in the day. Working party at N 14.6.1½.8. throwing water and mud over parapet by scoops. Snipers post discovered by patrol at N 8.d.3.2½. The ground is hollowed out to take figure of man and approach from enemy’s line covered by trees. This should make a target for T.M.S. Suspected aeroplane flying just behind our lines at 5.45 a.m. was shelled by both sides. German shrapnel very wide. Made several sharp turns at N 13.a. and N 8.b. After it had gone the area was patrolled at 6.45 a.m. by Vickers Biplane.

Two men observed at N 8.d.5.3. left on being fired at. At 9 a.m. man seeing using haul at same place together with 2 men filling sandbags. Enemy parapet at SUGAR LOAF being strengthened. At 8.15 p.m. large flare over sky – also seen at 11.15 p.m. At 11.50 p.m. enemy threw two grenades in front of his own parapet. A green pipe and dugout at N 14.a.5.½. were successfully disturbed with rifle grenades. A straight white pole about 3 feet long and 2” dia. seen on enemy parapet at 2 p.m. at N 14.a.8½.4½.  then appears to be a groove at the top. Five Germans wearing dark uniform and caps seen at 5 p.m. in rear of enemy lines at N 14.a.9.1. they were fired on and doubled out of sight. Our damage wire at N 14.a.3.3. was repaired.

Drains blocked by shell fire cleared, reserve sandbags filled, parapets repaired, bomb stores rebuilt, condemned dugouts cleared and 3 new constructed, duck boards cleared, fire steps and duck boards wired, traverses strengthened. Working on new support trench under R.E. Much work being done at FIREWORKS KEEP. New fire steps, new dugout and store for tools constructed. General maintenance and drainage. Signal wires duplicated across ROW TILLELOY. Loopholes improved and new constructed. All latrines fitted with urine splash guards, old urine soaked sandbags removed. All seats scrubbed with cresol. Aid post well sandbagged.

On 7th April there were 2 casualties – * 1 accidental from rifle grenade which blew back and 1 bullet wound in thigh. Both very slight and returned to duty in the trenches after a few hours in Bn. aid post.

Orders issued that each battery would keep one signaller with telephone at each Coy. H.Q. in trenches, that full rations be issued to F.P. men, that no horses be exercised on roads S of LAVENTIE – BAC St MUR Rly and that no cars exceed 5 miles an hour on roads if dusty.

* No 20003 L/C HOLMES wounded at duty.


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