2 May 1916

Extract from the official war diary of 15th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


6am – midnight

Operations:     Artillery quiet on both sides. Fewer aeroplanes. Light bad. Tested artillery once by day and once by night. Patrol left bay No 29 at 9.50 p.m. returning at same point at 11.3 p.m. having proceeded over small gully – dry – through cradle wire onto breast wire up slight gradient towards enemy trenches. Patrol reports that enemy front line appears to be held by machine guns – rifles being fired only from flanks. Working party heard. Flares sent up from 2nd line enemy trenches. Sniping fairly active on both sides.

Intelligence:     At 4 p a.m. 6 men approached house at N 16 8 and shortly after passing it they seemed to disappear down steps. This bears out previous reports that a C.T. may begin at that point. Snipers claim a victim at S 16.c.7.9¾. Sniper fired 9 rounds at 550 yds – then thinking it was useless, he ceased fire. Observation through glasses showed German being carried away by 2 other men. Sniper loophole discovered at S 16.a.3½.7¾. Man seen to fire several times from this point. At 6.25 p.m. a cart was seen on the LA TOURELLE – LA QUINQUE road proceeding S at S17a M.G. enemy’s rather active between 10 & 11p.m. from after very quiet period. Less rifle fire than usual.

Work     Duck boards lowered – general clean up of trenches & dug outs, altered parapet in 23 bay – work continued on parapets & parados, sandbags filled – assisted R.E. with dug outs – Bomb & Block stores in C.T. completed so far as material – frame work – wd allow.

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