8 May 1916

Extract from the war diary of John Moore, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

We were all assembled in a field to hear a Court Martial read. It was while in the trenches last time a young lad 17 years of age refused going over the top to fix barbed wire, it was perfectly moonlight & the officer that went out with the men was seen & shot, he was talking in the Guard Room with his companion as to how much punishment he would get, he thought same as the rest, a few days, when we were brought in the field the Colonel gave us command attention, & his verdict was read, to be shot at dawn, the sentence was duly carried next morning. Happily the told off a Welsh Shooting Party. I was mighty glad I had nothing to do with it.



My Dear Sister,

I am now writing the promised letter I got parcel last Friday, & got 2 cards for Ma & Pa, but could not get envelopes to fit them till today, so I have not had chance to post them, I was afraid they would be getting crushed before I could get envelopes, been doing a lot of Marching lately. I will mention about Geraniums to Mary, we have plenty of them, but if I mention it to her I shall not forget them when I am able to come. I see by your letter Norman Lee as joined a lot as bad as the N.C.C. such as him young & single want making join in Infantry Regt. he should have joined nearly 2 yrs ago. I enjoyed the buns they were only a little dry but that was nothing, thanking the kindly for cracking the nuts. I was glad of the cigs & Chocs also Biscuits, the papers went round the usual crowd they were well read before finished with. Leave started again for 1 day & then cancelled again. I am glad the War Office has sent Ernest’s belongings & surprised you got his watch to, such as that usually get lost. Did you ever have any luck with Fuschias, you might let me know, well I will again thank you for beautiful parcel, & sorry I was unable to get cards off last Friday they were only 2 1 could get with those words on. All my Love, trusting Ma is improving I was glad to receive her letter.

Your Loving Bro John


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