21 May 1916

Extract from the official war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


During morning the C.Ts suffered some damage caused by shell fire and minenwerfer. At 3.45 pm an intense bombardment was opened on all C.Ts and supports, this fire was particularly heavy on the left of our sector. The bombardment continued with unabated violence for four hours at the end of which time most of the trenches on the left were levelled and a very large proportion of the men were killed or wounded. At 7.45 pm the enemy attacked and took our outpost and line of resistance on the left with but little resistance as there was as a result of the bombardment practically nobody left to oppose them. A counter attack was delivered at 2 am which was successful  in retaking the line of resistance (GUERIN). The adjutant CAPT. NOBLE and CAPT. LANGDON were killed. Five officers including the C.O. LIEUT. COL. BROUGHTON wounded. Others ranks 33 killed, 101 wounded and 41 missing.


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