26 May 1916

Extract from the official war diary of 16th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


At 11 pm. Artillery in conjunction with T.M.s fired on enemy’s parapet & wire at S.5.b.4½.1½ Artillery also barraged enemy second line and C.T.s, and on right and left of S.5.b.4½.1½. At 11.10 T.M.s ceased fire. A party of Y officers and 26 OR advanced with the object of raising enemy’s front line at S.5.b.4½.1½. At 11.13 pm artillery lifted. Raiding party divided into attack and enemy parties, lost touch, enemy’s wire passable  but being unsupported, did not enter enemy’s line but threw bombs from the wire. They then withdrew, the whole party eventually reaching our trench without casualties. Commencing at 11.7 pm enemy artillery barraged a disused trench behind own front line, also firing a few shells with insignificant effect on own front line. There was no enemy Machine Gun or rifle retailiation. No casualties.

At 11.30 pm when the raiding party returned, companies & Machine Gun opened rapid. There was no retaliation. Own Machine Guns fired periodically during the night on S.5.b.4½.1½.


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