13 July 1916

Extract from the official war diary of 2nd Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


Work on trenches and wire entanglements.

Exceedingly hot.

Battalion depleted on account of fever.  About 300 men admitted to Hospital since our arrival at LOZISTA.  Fever cases commenced on 5th of month.  About 15 men only have returned to duty.

Up to present only two cases reported as being of a malignant nature.  *Six officers admitted to Hospital to date.  Two Bulgarian deserters surrendered to outposts.

*2/Lt Horner, 2/Lt Halsey, 2/Lt Gell, 2/Lt Lane, 2/Lt Millington, Captn Gateley

Extract from the war diary of Lt Charles Brockbank, Machine Gun Corps

charles brockbank

Thursday.  The Cheshires in GIVENCHY KEEP sent fifteen men out in front to put up barbed-wire for practice, & of course they got seen[,] result 5 killed & 7 wounded. What criminal folly. A Ger ‘plane kept just out of range so we could not fire.



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