27 July 1916

Extract from the official war dairy of the 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment



Heavy bombardment of enemy’s lines commenced.  At 7.10 a.m. the attack on LONGUEVAL was commenced by 1st NORFOLK REGT.  They and the 1st BEDFORD REGT. cleared the village, but the germans still held out in the northern outskirts.  At 8.38 a.m. we commenced an attack on a German strong point.  The first party, led by 2 LT. PROUT was closely followed by two other parties led by 2 LT. DUCKWORTH and 2 LT. BARTHELEMY.  The parties were met by cross machine gun fire from two guns.  2 Lt PROUT’S party were nearly all killed or wounded, and xxxxxxxxxxxxx he was either killed or wounded, his body has not been found.  The other parties also suffered heavily and 2 Lt DUCKWORTH was wounded and is missing.  Lt RICHARDSON was also sent in support but owing to machine gun fire was forced to retire.  Lt. Col. CLARKE was slightly wounded but remained on duty.  Later on however he was again wounded in the face and had to go down to hospital.  Capt. DRESSER took over command.  2 Lt MASTERBROOK was also wounded


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