21 August 1916

Extract from the war diary of Joseph Norton, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

A terrible afternoon, the huns sent us scores of bombs and whizz bangs over, it was this afternoon that Sergt. Jack Rance got killed and Alf Goodier got sent deaf through a bomb dropping near to us, there were 10 of us together and only 2 escaped without a scratch. Jack was taken out of the line at night and taken by our transport to a cemetery behind our lines, about 2 miles. We came out of the trenches on the 26th and went in huts near Kemmel village, where we were for six days and then went in reserves again at Kemmel trenches. This time we had a longer spell, we had to stick it until September 3rd and on that date we came out of trenches at Kemmel and went to Roumarin a short distanace from Plug Street. The day following we went into trenches at Plug Street near the wood, this line we held for 17 days and then came out and rested for the night at Roumarin and then the next day we went to Douilieu, about 12 miles march where we did a little training for out second attack on the Somme.

Extract from the official war diary of the 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


Fine.  In view of probable move it was decided to hold Battalion Sports after parade.  Training in accordance with Programme attached.  Sports held from 11.30 till 1 & 2 to 4.

At 4 PM 3 Boxing Contests with 1st Bedfordshire Regt & 15th Bds M G Coy held.  The third contest was Sgt TEMPLE Provo Sgt 1st Cheshires v Sgt Brigstock 15th Bds M G Coy.  A 15 round contest.  Won by Sgt Brigstock in 5th Round.  Some excellent boxing.  All Short leave stopped to-day.  Divisional Band played 6.30 PM.  2 C.S.Ms and 9 Sgt despatched to England in exchange for those arrived yesterday


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