1 September 1916

Extract from the official war diary of the 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Chimpanzee Trench

2.30am Relief of the 14th Warwicks by us was completed at this hour, though the information that the relief was complete was not received until 6.30 am, owing to the fact that that the orderly lost his way.  The enemy used a considerable number of lacrymatory shells near Battalion Headquarters which made the valley very unpleasant.

The trenches taken over were very difficult to locate, but eventually were taken over accurately, “A” Company in advance trenches B 2 a 20/30 to B 1 b 90/20 with advanced post at cross track B 1 b 80/50.  “B” Company in advanced trench running from B 1 a 90/05 to B 1 d 35/70 and thence to B 1 d 70/80;


“D” Company left one platoon in GORDON Trench in B 1 a and B 1 c, and “C” Company and 1 platoon of “D” Company in trench E of Brigade HQ in the line northwards of B 5 d 6.  

 4 German prisoners (1 wounded) sent down by “A” Company arrived at Battalion HQ.  These men had apparently walked in the trench which “A” Company were occupying, early in the morning.

  Trenches 10am

Contact Aeroplane flew over lines.  Signals put out.

  The situation in these trenches throughout the day was quiet, and in spite of the fact that the advance trenches had no communications trenches leading to them, parties carrying water, &c were able to get up in the open and were not worried by sniping.

  Shelling was not heavy, but Battalion HQ which were at the corner of DUNCAN ALLEY and MALTZ HORN Trench B 5 d 70/90 were shelled intermittently throughout the day.

  In the early morning report was received that some field guns or French 75s were falling short in a trench occupied by our “B” Company

 Casualties during the day were not very heavy, but amounted to about 23 other ranks. 

  During the morning OC “B” Company sent out a patrol to German gun pits about a 150 yards NW. of strong point at B 1 a 90/05, and found that one was unoccupied and another contained 10 Germans and a machine gun.

Two of the Germans were accounted for and our patrol returned safely.  This patrol was under 2Lieut C. V. BLAIN (since killed).


Brigade Operation Order No55b received, which postponed the main attack until the 3rd of September, but extended the objective of the 15th Infantry Brigade to LEUZE WOOD and the southern side of the spur of the hill on which LEUZE WOOD is situated.  This was to be effected by strong patrols pushing forward half an hour after the final objective was reached.


Brigade Operating Orders 55c received detailing strong patrols to be sent out at 8.30pm this evening in order to assist main attacks the Cheshire Regiment patrolling to the N. corner of WEDGE WOOD and the points T 26 c 33 and B 2 a 65/70 and if no opposition met with strong points to be established.


2nd Lieut T.W. ROBERTS wounded together with 8 other ranks by a shell which landed in “C” Company’s trench. 

  Operation proceeded with; no reports as yet.

Extract from the official war diary of the 6th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Thiepval Trenches

Battalion in trenches occupying right sector N. of THIEPVAL.     Our artillery actively engaged all day demolishing enemy wire.    Enemy replied vigourously [sic] with H.E. damaging our fire and communication trenches badly.    All available men engaged in clearing debris and making good damage done.    Officers patrols went out and reconnoitred enemy wire and trenches.

Capt KIRK and party of 6 OR entered enemy trench and finding all quiet proceeded along same.    Noticing a light proceeding from a dugout when entered and along with two men he surprised three Huns in the dugout.   These he immediately disposed of and was able to obtain information of considerable value in view of the forthcoming operations, afterwards returning safely with his party to our lines.

2nd Lieuts:  H.K. WHITE:   G.B. COWPE:    S. YOUSTON joined and taken on strength.

3 OR to hospital sick.      3 OR to hospital wounded.


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