2 September 1916

Extract from the official war diary of the 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment



Brigade Operation Order 55d received detailing the main attack to take place on September 3rd, the attack being made by the 13th Infantry Brigade, the 15th Infantry Brigade being in support.

1am Reports received with reference to the patrols which state that the enemy was found waiting and patrols were unable to occupy posts in view of the definite instructions that the operation was not to become an attack, and that loss was not to be suffered.

4.30am The situation remains quiet and the location as before.

10.30am The enemy shelled our front trenches slightly

The condition of the troops at this time was good, but somewhat strained owing to the weather conditions of the past few days.  During the night the enemy shelled the valley where Battalion Headquarters was with gas shells, necessitating the wearing of smoke helmets during a large portion of the night, but no serious casualties resulted.

11.15am  “A” Company still reports our own shells still falling short, and that they had two casualties yesterday from these.

Casualties from 12 noon 31st inst to dark:-

2nd Lieut T.W. ROBERTS, severely wounded, 1st , Died of wounds, 2nd

Lieut G.P. HARDING, shell Shock 1st inst.

O.Rs. 7 killed, 65 wounded, missing, etc.

4.30pm Situation still remains quiet.

7.30pm Companies occupying GORDON Trench report heavy shells falling short.

Operation Order 55e received, giving zero hour for the attack on the 3rd,

12 noon, and the 15th Infantry Brigade to withdraw into support this evening.

8pm Brigade Operation Order 57 received, detailing position of troops prior to attack, and relief of us by the 14th Royal Warwickshire Regiment.  A copy of relief order is attached.  Also warning order to Company Commanders as to the future operations.


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