5 September 1916

Extract from the official war diary of the 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Chimpanzee Trench


After consultation with the Norfolks, it was clearly seen that the situation was well in hand on the left flank of the spur, and that the Germans were beginning to give on the right flank and that immediate action was necessary to complete the success.  Message was sent to Brigade (the Norfolks also sent a similar message) calling for support to the advance on the right flank

Report received from 2nd Lieut I. GLEDSDALE that the situation was all correct and that we had withdrawn to the line of our first objective to conform with the Bedfordshire Regiment.


Brigade Operation Order 59 received, stating that the situation at FALFEMONT FARM was not yet clear.

   This Operation Order had been issued at 12:30 am, but did not reach us until now by which time the Brigade will have received information as to the situation.


Report sent through to Brigade that our 18 pounders were sending shells into FALFEMONT FARM.  This has also been reported by the 1st Norfolks.


Estimated casualties: – Officers 3 killed, 7 wounded; O.Rs. 450.


Report sent to Brigade that our shells were still falling short.


Brigade report to us that positions SE. of FALFEMONT FARM have now been taken.

   Message also received from Brigade that 2 Officers and 136 O.Rs had been taken prisoners.


Sergeant Master Cook, CHIMPANZEE TRENCH instructed to stand by to make tea for the troops.  Message was received that it was hoped to relieve some of the Battalion


Brigade Operation Order No60 received that the 7th Irish Fusiliers were coming up and detailing relief.


After discussion with the O.C., 1st Norfolk Regiment and the Brigadier General, who himself came up, arrangements were made by which the 1st Cheshires had to leave 75 men under  Lieut L.C. KNOCKER, the remainder of the Battalion withdrawing to CHIMPANZEE Trench.  This operation was completed about 1:30pm.

   Lieut. J.D. Mason was sent for from Transport in order that Lieut KNOCKER might be relieved.    

The 75 men rejoined the Battalion at CHIMPANZEE Trench, having been relieved.


The Battalion about 280 strong left CHIMPANZEE Trench, calling at BILLON FARM, and came down to Camp at the CITADEL.


Roll call was taken, and it was found that 5 W.Os. were wounded, killed or missing, and that the Battalion’s fighting strength was just over 300 all told.

12 officer casualties.


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